January 1 2020 astrology uranus retrograde

Regardless of your personal horoscope, retrogrades create space to figure things out. But of course, most of us would rather be forging ahead, manifesting our plans, and creating new things, not backtracking painfully across our mistakes. Which is why retrogrades can feel a little prickly. If Uranus on a normal day instigates rebellion, Uranus retrograde likes to rebel against its rebellion stay with me here!

This is unpredictability and personal shake-up to the max. When retrograde, that freedom-fighting spirit tends to work its way inside your psyche.

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So instead of the external world shattering into pieces, your own belief systems start to break apart. Also, check out where Taurus sits in your birth chart.

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When Uranus retrograde takes effect, and you actually start to change your behavior whether you want to or not … let yourself become a new version of you. Open up to the possibility that there are new ways of living, and you can rewrite your story. Your entire skeleton regrows over a period of 8 years.

The same can be true of what you think, know and do in the world — except when Uranus plays his hand, this happens a whole lot more quickly! Big changes can happen. So let them grow, change, and become totally different people.


Uranus in taurus for aries

Every day of the week, if they need to be. One of the hardest things about personal growth can actually be the people around you not accepting who you want to become. When they still treat you like they always did, this, in turn, pushes you into playing the same old roles that you always did.

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Which makes moving on from those old roles and patterns even more difficult! Remember when I mentioned Uranus retrograde rebelling against its own rebellion? Well, this means anything goes! All times, spaces, dimensions, and realities… seriously! The Aquarian streak that we all hold whether or not you have Aquarius Sun , Moon or rising in your chart, this sign affects you somewhere becomes amplified under Uranus retrograde.

This is because its ruling planet is swinging closer to Earth than it normally does, and the drilling down of Uranian energy means its intensity rises. So instead of the normal night out with your friends, go see an experimental theater show, or better still try your hand at some improv or mime. Always had a hidden interest in Japanese graphic novels? What are you willing to shake loose in your life? Where has Uranus already starter shattering the status quo?

Are you ready for this retrograde? As reported by Taurus Horoscope , Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto will bring significant gains. This time, the domains transited by the Greater Benefic — Jupiter are financing other people or partners, intimacy, and transformation, so you should expect important life projects in these areas.

Until December 20, Jupiter will be next to Saturn, and together they will bring prosperity, but they will also force us to take important decisions this year, especially of financial nature. From here, things will degenerate and will lead to arguments, maybe even threats of breaking up. Uranus will be retrograde in Taurus between August 12, — January 11, , and August 15, — January 1, If Uranus in direct motion is the most rebellious planet through its effects upon us, it is obvious that Uranus retrograde will not be any less. With Uranus in your sign last year, your identity and entire life has changed, and is quickly changing, and also your career, plans, and love life.

Your vision about the future is radically different than before, and you can experience changes that seem terrifying only because they are unknown, but that will bring forth moments full of enthusiasm. You have faith that everything is in your advantage and that you will find your profound calling now, so be open to all the possibilities. The workload is greater, but you approach it full of enthusiasm.

You feel encouraged by the occurrence of opportunities, stimulating tasks, and by the fact that you have more autonomy. Jupiter is now in a good relationship with Saturn. Therefore, the professional situation of Taurus consolidates, the material situation stabilizes, and the financial initiative is more profitable.

Pluto Retrograde 2019: April 24-Jan 24, 2020

October and November will bring for the Taurus a visible recovery in terms of collaborations and contracts, new alliances, and victory in contests and in fighting the competition. In , your finances could improve greatly. You may find yourself more stable and secure in the areas of money. A dramatic increase is not likely but applying discipline in the areas of work with a more organized and developed plan, while building a daily regime in other areas will lend the discipline that results in financial security, stability, and structure.

Removing long-term debt with this discipline will be possible this year as well as restructuring money issues is possible. What you started in toward savings and security will continue and become even easier.


You will benefit from changing your daily routine, but you will want to fight it. You will find you have lots of energy and drive and enjoy a greater level of success than in previous years. Spring brings change. Welcome it as the past has not exactly been constructive.

Uranus Is Going Retrograde and Here’s How Each Sign Will Deal | bowfgleanab.tk

Something like a hobby or part-time job could emerge as a significant source of income if you combine your passion, interest, skills, and time toward giving it a more prominent place in your life. You might find that changing jobs to something more exciting will be a desire during the summer months.

It could happen suddenly and you simply want to guard against impulsive decisions. You will have great depth, satisfactions, and connections this year, especially with those who are a bit older than you. You will have a greater sense of self worth, confidence, and support that is meaningful in all your relationships. If you have not found your soul mate, this may be the year! Official engagements, even marriage, may occur as your relationships take a turn for greater conventionality.

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