Ramal shastra astrology

The idea of having the future secured is liked by one and all. Everyone wants to know what hardships we may face in the future so that we may prepare ourselves beforehand.

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Knowing the destiny has been one of the prime quests among mankind. We want to know what ailment may befall on us or what catastrophe can ruin our business or life. Astrology has always been one of the ways human sought help from, to get answers.

People referred to various branches of Astrology hoping to find the truth about the future. Astrologers used various mediums like position of the stars and planets, eclipses, lines on palms, crystal balls etc.

Ramal Shastri

Similarly, in a branch of astrology known as Ramal Shastra, dices were used to predict the future. Ramal Astrology relies on the dices made on a specific time of the year with mixtures of various kinds of metals. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Email required Address never made public. Name required. A blessed event is transpiring, bringing forth the healing and reconciliation of many peoples. This is not visible yet through your. A new spaciousness has been created within the energy body of the Earth, so that the New Earth can literally breathe more deeply.

A major moment of decision has arrived for many embodied souls on the Earth. This is the result of new levels of spiritual light that are bringing forth. A guided meditation to assist in strengthening our inner light in the face of contraction and oppositional energies.

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There is now an increased presence of embodied light on planet Earth that is allowing for some new manifestations that have not previously. A long awaited shift is about to occur for humanity. This shift is vibrational in nature, and may not immediately manifest physically, but will eventually bring forth.