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The moon in bountiful and abundant Sagittarius sets our sights on the widest vision possible. Born on Read between the lines as the insightful Scorpio moon trines non-verbal Neptune, giving you lots of emotional clues and cues. Not on the same page? As Venus squares Pluto, relationships are tested and people may be secretive or opaque. Reboot your relationships! The annual Libra new moon arrives at am to deliver balance and harmony.

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The day after the Hold off on decisions for a day or two? Thoughts and communication are hazy as the moon opposes nebulous Neptune.

Mercury Retrograde & Uranus in Taurus - March 2019 Horoscope - The AstroTwins

Power struggles, even subtle ones, can crop up as mental Mercury squares off against calculating Pluto. Is there a sense of ambiguity in regard to your inheritances or legacies?


Truths will surely come to the light, but staying in control is no longer an option. Heal your one-on-one connections. With Neptune retrograde clearing the air via your seventh house of relationships and couples' therapy, you're learning how to communicate with your partners, despite all biased opinions and general reluctance. Sharing is caring, and compromising is essential to a solid partnership. This is a great time to find justice and perhaps come to a healthy agreement.

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With Neptune retrograde igniting your health-conscious sixth house of routine, practical details, and physicality, you're coming face-to-face with things that can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Your habits are a reflection of you, and this retrograde cycle will bring you some much-needed clarity in regard to your daily life. Your health comes first, Libra. Life imitates art, and with Neptune retrograde activating your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and unique authenticity, you're listening to your heart and tapping into your inner child.

Love affairs are likely during this time, and creative projects can flourish beautifully. Be mindful of the areas where you've been overindulging, but don't be afraid to exploit your hidden talents.

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You're a superstar, Scorpio. What makes you feel safe? Neptune retrograde is lifting the veil via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional wellbeing, and you're coming face to face with what lacks compassion for you on the home front. Whether it's amongst your relatives or within yourself, this is a time for healing and nurturing, so there's no escaping the waterworks. Don't repress your emotions, Sagittarius. Communicate with compassion. Neptune retrograde is clearing the fog via your chatty third house of communication, siblings, and immediate environment, and you're putting your logical left brain to sleep for a change.

When was the last time you actually empathized with someone? The planet of dreams and intuition is giving you a chance to really say what's on your mind, despite your pragmatic ways.

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Don't be cold-hearted, Capricorn. Is it really worth it?

Neptune retrograde will ignite your second house of values, income, and self-esteem, and you'll be given no choice but to acknowledge your wishy-washy spending habits, along with your sense of self-worth. Have you been realistic with your finances as of late? Are you owning up to your self-worth?

Neptune retrograde will shed light on your financial "addictions," so to speak. Don't run away from reality, Aquarius. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Your ruling planet Neptune will retrograde, and you of all people will feel the effects, but not in the way you'd think. Being a Pisces is truly magical, but it can also be quite complicated, to say the least. You're completely receptive to your surroundings, and the universal energies flowing through you can easily cloud your vision and fog up your reflection. Luckily for you, this retrograde cycle will be everything you never knew you needed, as it will bring some much-needed clarity in regard to your personal identity and self-expression.

By Valerie Mesa.