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You're at home with a variety of opinions, ages, cultures, and races. Rising Signs are appearance, personality traits, vitality and how you greet the new day—or next big thing. Your Rising Sign is your personal new dawn. It's the Zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon when you emerged into the world if your birth time is correct.

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The Aquarius first impression is one of being up for anything. And the Aquarius Rising friend wants to see your fringe-y personality traits.

Aquarius is the ultimate freedom-lover, with a far-sighted vision. With Aquarius Rising, a person makes surprise moves and choices, often to the shock of others. The Aquarius Rising friend is easy to be with and yet can quickly transform into the loner.

Aquarius Rising - Horoscopes and Personality Traits

You resist conventional small talk and like to shock or stir up controversy in some way. You vanish from parties, instead of going through the motions of saying goodbye. This Rising Sign is like having Uranus in the First House —any planet here is what dawns on others, and how you break into the new. You wake others up.

And you cheer others on to break with restrictive mores or mind control programming. You embody your authenticity in a way that's notable to others.

Top 5 Signs You're A TRUE Aquarius

Nobody is perfect and even Aquarius is prone to making the odd mistake here and there when it comes to making important decisions. But unlike some of the other signs one thing that they wont do is allow themself to make the same dumb mistake over and over again.

The Personality of an Aquarius, Explained

They are often thought leaders who push the boundaries of what is possible choosing to do things their own way rather than conventionally. Aquarius hates to see their friends down or sad and they are always there for them when they need somebody to talk and vent with. The Aquarius is forever a student in the school of life and they have a natural gift for understanding new ideas and concepts… FAST. The rumors are true. He can be so far beyond the average intellect that he can't easily relate to others.

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He prefers to interact through a digital screen. Relationships are a challenge for the Aquarius man.

Everything you need to know about Aquarians

He holds the image of the perfect woman in his heart, and no real woman can compare to her. His heart, though loving , is subject to change without notice. Like a lightning bolt, his entire world can change. This doesn't mean he can't be trusted, though.

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He holds himself to the highest ideal, as well, and he disdains unethical or dishonest behavior. Without intending harm or betrayal, he may simply fall out of love, or fall in love with another.

Aquarius Personality

The winds of change blow through him, and he has no choice but to change, radically. If he is also strong in the earth element Moon , ascendant , or another personal planet , he is more likely to make a long-term relationship succeed.

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  • High in his mental ivory tower looking down on the mundane world, the Aquarius male can be lonely. He needs human contact and intimacy as much as any air sign, but it is too easy for him to distance himself and harder to reach out. To find balance, he needs to integrate his opposite Earth sign, Leo, in order to find his true warmth and ability to engage spontaneously with life.

    Leo's charismatic charm is the antidote that Aquarius needs to counter the cool aloofness that keeps him separate from others and even himself.

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    • When you scratch the surface of an Aquarius man, a warm and caring heart shines, though it isn't often revealed. He is not an introvert he loves crowds , but he shies away from interaction, preferring the role of observer. Despite his misanthropic bent, he is generous and kind to strangers.