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I will keep you updated as I continue to evolve, grow, and build in this journey. Kelley is amazing and I cannot say enough about her. Oh what joy! Kelley is a masterful presenter, fun and great info from her own business experience. I learned a ton of state of art digital marketing information that could immediately be used. She even gave constructive feedback on our own websites. The other Goddess participants were also generous with feedback too. In particular I did more healing about my money blocks and valuing my work.

Major planetary events this week are:

So Kelley addresses both the inside and outside of being a potential wealthy goddess. I felt encouraged by the whole class and that gives me a huge motivation toward getting the work done! Thanks Kelley and Sistahbabes, you rock! Boundless gratitude for that! My gutsy goddess-self is stepping out of academia and research for a while to set up a consultancy business! Thank You, Goddess Kelley. This has been the best money spent on me! I am so appreciating every part of it.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

I love to wear beautiful dresses in my videos. Contact Kelley. Home Kelley T Love Yourself Properly. Hang Out with Kelley. Be Purposeful and Deliberate. Thrive on YouTube and Prosper! Our YouTube Insiders Course is a huge success. Be Notified when we offer the YouTube Insiders course again! And get your gift. Be Notified. Ashly McHatton. Kim Faiman. Mariah Larkin. Sonya Sun Heart. Lauren Clark.

Aries December 2019 Astrology Windfall Of Abundance!

Pisces is a sign that brings out the wilder side of us and a longing to know and to be known, and you can find your tribe, yourself, and perhaps even a new passion project or two you want to nurture into reality. This is a truly spiritual time as all zodiac signs get a dose of Pisces and their intuitive energy.

Fantasy land won't seem so far away, unless we want it to be. In business, we are invited to feel with our hearts and be guided with our minds. The energy of a Pisces warrior while ignited by the Sun's light is like light glimmering across a peaceful ocean and all zodiac signs get to experience the breeze. Neptune is the planet of our deepest dreams; Venus is the planet of love. Put those two together and you can only imagine what that means.

Depending on where you are in your love life, romantically, this could be a time of idealizing partners or wanting to make something more than what it was ever really meant to be. Some zodiac signs may wish for things that they don't have and others may want to get rid of the love they aren't happy with.

Kelley Rosano – The Best Teaching, Coaching, and Astrology on the Planet.

This can be a confusing time, but it doesn't have to be if you know to ride a wave instead of letting it pull you into the under toe. Mars continues to heighten our awareness of the need to live life with greater intentionality. Mars in a fellow Fire Sign's house opens the door to new adventure and exploration in the area of spirituality and self awareness. Conversations may take on softer tones, a bit of disconnected moments, and reflections of the past.

We all prepare for the change of season and turn our hearts to Spring. It's time to break into a new routine. As a Fire sign, initially this may make you feel less energetic and more sleepy than usual.

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Emotions rise to the surface and although you may desire to act, right now may not be the best time. Reflect on your history, count blessings, gather resources and refuel as you prepare to take actions based on reality. Fact check your moves before jumping into things. Taurus, love is in the air, forgiveness and even a touch of spirituality. You may find this energy comforting and perhaps enjoyable. As others slow their pace, this is a time to spend with friends. Listen more. Get to know the people you care about and invest in your relationships where this month's time is best spent. Gemini, with the energy of Pisces you may find this week to be test and trials of emotional highs and lows. With Mercury in Pisces, you may be less impulsive about what you say, but your thoughts may be alert to the unseen opportunities that exist in your love life or career.

Cancer, if you're interested in traveling or needing some luck to come your way, wishing won't get you there but talking about it with others will. Be more open to discussing your ideas, even the wilder and crazy ones that involve dreams you have about your future and see what happens. This is a good week for discussing plans involving travel or even pursuing certifications, education, or taking a class.

Leo, this week, projects you initiated with be tested and those that are not ready to go into full swing may find a shelf to rest for another day.

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You'll be in the mood for more long walks, deeper conversations and transparency. Libra, you may get the inkling to be wishy washy with your routines forgoing the rigor for time with those you love.